Thomas Finkenstadt
As I consider myself an artist, my formal education served
more as a point of inspiration or revelation of my own
abilities and my need to explore them than an academic rite
of passage.  I was fortunate in attending Cypress College in
Cypress, California, where I majored in Photography.  I say
that I was fortunate in my educational opportunity since I
was privileged to work with professors, who were world-class
instructors and accomplished Photographic artists and
technicians in their own rights.  They served as more than
college professors; more like mentors or master craftsmen to
whom I voluntarily apprenticed myself.  Collectively, they
were the primary influence in firing my passion for
Photography and in teaching me how to mold my eagerness
and excitement into skill and artistry.  I owe what
capabilities I have achieved in the art form of Photography
to my mentors:  David F. Drake, graduate of the Art Center,
John Wycoff, an accomplished commercial and advertising
photographer and Marshal LaCour, author of Photo
Technologies, a reference work in the field quoted in various
encyclopedias and formal Photography teaching texts.  My
education at Cypress was not restricted to the formal
classes.  As a student, I befriended a peer, John Woods, a
student of art a year ahead of me at Cypress.  Through John’
s friendship I had opportunity to meet and gain great insight
from such notable artists as Ansel Adams and Brett Weston.

On visits to Carmel, California, Brett often extended his
hospitality in allowing me to be a guest in his home.  These
visits often involved field trips for shoots on Point Lobos.  
Again, as with my professors, I found the greatest
opportunity for education and development of my own
Photographic style in observing the artistic endeavors of
those whom I recognized and respected as more accomplished
than myself.

Since College, I have continued to learn by doing and by
watching, listening and questioning other Photographic
artists.  My Photographic style has evolved into one of
romantic realism portraying the sights of the world, but
through my perspective as someone who continues to be
awestruck by the beauty, diversity and complexity of the
world in which we live.  I focus on the environment not the
inhabitants.  We are all transient elements on the landscape.  
The world continues on, whether we occupy it or not.  I have
developed my style and portfolio through extensive creative
work in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana and Texas.

I continue to aggressively seek to grow as an artist and
observing interpreter of the world.  After many years of
tutelage, I am beginning to seek the fruits of my labors and
those of my very patient mentors

September, 1996
ArtEnergies/Carol Henderson
Gallery - Fort Worth, Texas

October, 1996
Texas Center for Photography
(solo) – Houston, Texas

January, 1997
Dallas World Trade Center
(solo) - Dallas, Texas

April, 1997
Newland Gallery - Houston,

July, 1997
Texas Center for Photography –
Houston, Texas
Texas Center for Photography –
Houston, Texas

February, 1998
FotoFest ( MD Modern) –
Houston, Texas

April, 1998
Irving Art Center – Irving,

July, 1998
Sable V Fine Art Galleries -
Wimberley/Austin, Texas

March 1999
Carol Henderson Gallery – Ft.

Bill & Janie Haga (Grand
Prairie, Texas)
James Rust (Lexington, Missouri)
John Woods (La Palma,
John Woods (La Palma,
David Drake (Anaheim,
Peter Key (Tehachapi, California)
Esther Cowdrick (Anaheim,
Martin Nelson (Eugene, Oregon)
C.L. Christian (Portland, Oregon)
Teri & David Padgett (Dallas,
James Tapp (Arlington, Texas)
Kasi Jones (Waxahachie, Texas)
Carole Obermeier (Trophy Club,


Gallery Magnolia
Fort Worth Auction for AIDS
Women’s Haven, Fort Worth
Rotary Club of Ft. Worth
An Artist Christmas, Camp Fire
Council of Fort Worth
Carol Henderson Gallery
American Cancer Society
Ft. Worth Real Estate

10/99 Portfolio Critique Houston
I have also had the pleasure to
juror an exhibit for The
Houston Photographic Society as
a representative for the New
Land Gallery, Houston, Texas.

Images of Brett Weston to be
used in “A Restless Eye” a
biography of his life.

Camp Fire Council Benefit
Jurored Auction 1998 - 2nd
Art Connection Member – Irving
Art Center,  Irving Texas
Member Royal Photographic
Society-  London, England
December 1999
Karen Mitchell Frank Gallery-

February  2000
Leslie Gallery, Galveston ,

April 2000
Karen Mitchell Frank Gallery-

May 2001
Museum Of Fine Art -
Carlsbad New Mexico

June 2002
Members Exhibition – Irving
Art Center,  Irving  Tx.

May 2005
Gallery Artist Exhibition,
Photography is Art
Fredericksburg, Texas

October 2006
Feedback- 40 Years of
Photography Exhibit
Cypress College, Cypress Ca

November 2009-
Jurored Auction/Exhibition
Artist Christmas Campfire
Council of North Texas.  Best
of Show/Peoples Choice Award

December 2009
Deck The Walls, Group
exhibition John Cleary Gallery
Houston, Texa

Paula Bush (Fort Worth Texas)
Buddy & Melissa Massey
(Waxahachie, Texas)
Jim Powell (Dallas, Texas)
Lonnie & Shelly Allen
(Arlington, Texas)
Melvina Tomeo (Las Vegas,
Mary Cowdrick (Anaheim,
Georgia & George Nichols
(Sand Point, Idaho)
Rob Hawkins (Midlothian,
Kay Smith (Granbury, Texas)
Brad & Kelli McDonald
(Denton, Texas)
Carol  & Monroe Henderson
(Ft. Worth, Texas)
Donna & Ross Craft (Fort
Worth, Texas)
J.A. Rust Collection –
Lexington Mo.
Diane McKensie- Fort Worth


Levin Gallery
408 Calle Principal
Monterey, CA 93940

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Creative Imaging of Thomas Finkenstadt
Creative Imaging of Thomas Finkenstadt