Artist Statement
       Artist Statement

I don't really remember when my love affair with photography actually started, but I
know it was prior to high school.  All my snaps in my early years were just small moments
captured in time.

High school brought me closer to "The Art of Photography."  I was eager to learn about
the masters of photography and study their works.

College in July of 1974 is when I figured out I was having a love affair with the medium.  I
guess one could call it my first love.

In 1974 at Cypress College I had the honor of learning from David Drake, my professor
and long time friend. I was befriended by a person by the name of John Charles Woods
(friend, photographer, artist and author).  He introduced me to two of the photographic artist
in the world: Brett Weston and Ansel Adams.

Over the years I visited Ansel at his place in the Carmel Highlands although I would not have
the personal relationship I had with him that I had with Brett Weston.

The relationship I had with Brett Weston turned into one of a friend.  Over the years I
learned more from him about art photography then any book I could have ever read or
studied.  I was always welcomed at his home in Carmel Valley for however long I wanted to
stay.  We even managed to get out and work along the coast of Central California numerous
times.  His philosophy and love of the art were never about the money - just the pure love of
photography that he had.  His love of photography was romancing photography as one would
court a lady.

I do need to give special recognition to Brett Weston for allowing me to work and learn from him
as a photographer and a friend.  John Woods for 30+ years of friendship and photographic
artist,and David Drake a college professor, ling time friend, photographer and one of the finest
person you would ever want to be associated with.  David passed away a few years ago and is
missed dearly by me.

And I can't forget the love and support that my wife, Penny and my daughter, Heather.  If it
wasn't for them none of this would be possible.  

                                       Tom Finkenstadt
Fine Art Photography of Thomas Finkenstadt
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