Thomas Finkenstadt
Artist Statement

Photography has always been a feeling of love.  Similar to a love one would have toward their
spouse or significant other.  It’s a love that is personal.  She has the same wants, needs,
desires and emotions as a person does.

When she’s happy, loving and adorable, I can see incredible forms, abstracts, scenics, etc.  It
is a wonderful feeling.

If she’s mad – she’s very mad.  She can be very cold and quiet.  The shutters of the equipment
(her eyes) remain quiet, staring at me.  Then one morning after a while, I will look at her and
all is forgiven.  We will work together as one, that is until I get her mad again.

When I attended Cypress College, in the 70s, I had excellent instructors - one who clearly
stands out as an influence in learning and a friend of over 30 years. His name is David Drake.  
There are two long time friends whose friendship has stood the test of time, John C. Woods
and Jack Wilhite.

I got to meet Ansel Adams several times at his home in Carmel, California.  He had an
incredible wealth of knowledge.  At the same time, I got to know Brett Weston.  Getting to
know Brett as a person and friend was a great inspiration.  I even had the opportunity to
photograph with him at Point Lobos.  I’m finally beginning to understand his drive and love for
his work.

Photography is like a personal relationship.  There’s a lot of work and emotional effort but the
rewards outweigh any turmoil it creates.  I couldn’t give up photography anymore than I could
give up my marriage.  My best friend and biggest supporter of my work is my wife, Penny.   She
is the driving force in all things I do.  No challenge is too large for us to conquer.

I have had exhibits in various galleries throughout Texas, New Mexico and California.  I have
had the pleasure to have works hang in galleries at Foto Fest, Houston, Texas.  I am a member
of The Royal Photographic Association, London – England, Irving Art Center, Irving, Texas and
Dallas Arts Revue, Dallas, Texas.
Creative Imaging of Thomas Finkenstadt