Comments From Myself
                    The Artist

I'm, for the most part, probably considered a dinosaur from a
photographic stand point. I still use film and print from negatives in the

The equipment I use are a 4x5 field view camera (my favorite) and a
Hasselblad  (6x6) 500 CM.  All the lenses for the view camera are
Fujinon  and all the lenses for the Hasselblad are marketed by
Hasselblad .  I feel the to get the most out of your equipment, the optics,
should remain the same through out the system you are using.  After
market products never seem to reach the same standards as the
manufactures design.

Unfortunately I have various medical conditions which over the past few
years has gotten to the point a view camera is almost too much to use.  
But my Hasselblad System gets a good work out.  But I still get it out
once in a while.

I still love to get in the darkroom and print.  This is where the dinosaur
part comes in, developing film and printing in the darkroom.   In the
darkroom  is where all ones vision of the silver negative should look
like.  It's the test of a persons knowledge of their equipment, light, film
used, and ability to print these to silver print paper.

Every image I print is on a double-weight, fibre bas paper.  In the
darkroom I use two types of developer, a warm tone developer and a
cold tone developer.  Using both types of developers let's me get the
longest tonal scale I can get.  The rest of the process is pretty simple, a
stop bath and then a fixer with a hardener added.  From there I use a
hypo clearing agent the wash for an hour.  The last step of my process is
the use of whats called selenium toner and re-wash the image.   This
type of printing will last for many generations to come, or what use to be
called "archival" which means over 100 years.

The final step of my process is the finishing process.  The images is
finally mounted  on a 4 ply museum board, with a 4 ply over matte. The
images is then spotted and ready to be framed.

Fine Art Photography of Thomas Finkenstadt